Run Subscriptions
Like a Pro
Solid's subscription engine is the fastest way for your online business to bill customers with subscriptions - at scale. Capture more revenue, retain customers, support new business models, and accept recurring payments at ease.
All Features You'll Ever Need for
Charge for one-time purchases and save tokens for future one-click payments
Recurring Payments
Multiple Currencies
Increase conversions and payment acceptance by selling subscriptions in local currencies
Revenue Recovery
Reduce churn with smart retries, automated failed payment emails, and an automatic card updater
Charge a single price on a regular basis
Let your users test the product before the purchase
Trial Periods
Bring more revenue by upselling one-time products and services with your subscription plans
Charge different prices based on volume, add-ons or usage tiers
Metered billing
Bill daily, weekly, monthly, annually - or use your custom payment calendar.
In advance or in arrears
Billing Frequency
Ideal Retry Attempts
Solid's subscription engine creates custom retry logic that schedules retry attempts when the data indicates the attempt is most likely to be successful rather than at a simple, static schedule, thereby dramatically increasing revenue.
Perfect for Apps and SaaS
Build all your subscription logic alongside all your payment methods, invoices, taxes, trials, dunning, and more. With Solid, you only ever need to integrate one platform to run and grow your SaaS or app business.