Fraud Defense
Use a global network of data to accurately identify your loyal customers, reduce false declines, and stay on top of the latest antifraud trends with Solid's fraud and chargeback detection and prevention system.
Compliance with the Scheme's rules
Optimized chargeback fees
Maximized conversions and revenue
Strong customer protection
Manage risk your way by setting rules for how payments are processed and criteria for how they should be routed
Custom-Built Rules
Automatic Risk Profiles
Reduce the burden of lengthy disputes by automatically defending chargebacks and freeing up your team
Reduce fraud, increase conversion, be ready for PSD2, and provide customer- friendly authentication with 3DS2
Chargeback Defense
Score each user and transaction based on internal and external data. Minimize risks while maximizing conversions
Built-in 3DS2 And SCA
Prevent Chargebacks Before They Happen
Solid is enrolled in VMPI as an authorized third-party facilitator. We cover TOP-20 US issuers and coverage is growing, accounting for 95%+ US online shoppers with Visa cards. Using our direct connection to VISA and issuing banks, we assist merchants on the very first stages of the dispute-resolution process. Receive dispute alerts before those are initiated and build up your refund process to prevent chargebacks. We protect you from the following dispute types:
Fraud from EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit, EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit, Card Present, Card Absent and the Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program.
Processing-related disputes for Late Presentment, Incorrect Transaction Code, Incorrect Currency, Incorrect Account Number, Duplicate Processing, Paid by Other Means, and Invalid Data.
Processing Errors
Consumer Disputes for Merchandise / Services Not Received, Cancelled Recurring, Not as Described or Defective Merchandise / Services, Counterfeit Merchandise, Misrepresentation, Credit Not Processed, Cancelled Merchandise / Services, Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted, Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value.
Authorization-related disputes for Card Recovery Bulletin, Declined Authorization, and No Authorization.
Although this dispute category is retired with VCR (April 2018), these transactions are where the cardholder cannot identify either the merchant, the purchase, or both. If unknown, you can estimate 10-25% of your fraud volume.
Enjoy 3DS 2 Experience With No Interruptions
Authentication is completed behind the scenes or with simple customer inputs. Every transaction is routed based on regulation type, risk assessment criteria and policies specifically for your business.
As an EMVCo Technical Associate, we know all the information connected to EMV® specifications so you can adapt your setup before anyone else.
Real-time collection
Data validation per protocol
Reporting & Analytics
BIN Detection
Protocol routing between 1.0 & 2.0
Full 2.0 experience
PSD2 compliance
EU & US coverage
Improved authentication speeds
BIN Intelligence & Monitoring
Post-Launch Authorization, Fraud Analysis
Reduction in false declines
Merchant-driven rule management
Friction-free consumer experience
More authenticated orders
Regional mandates/requirement support
Leveraging Data
Risk Control